Take control of any Windows PC in just 1 minute or hack !!!

Take control of any Windows PC in just 1 minute or hack !!!

Hello friends, today I came up with another new hacking trick. I hope you like it।

First press Windows + R from the keyboard.

Such a run command will come. Then type control userspasswords2 here. Then enter or OK. Such a screen will come.

Here are User and Advanced text. Click on Advance from here. A screen like below will appear.

From here, click on Advanced User Management. Then another screen will appear.

From here, by clicking on Users, you will see a list of all PC users.

From here you will see Set Password by right-clicking next to any user name. From here, you can enter the password without knowing the old passwords and delete anyone's account. Now you can delete any ID and add a new account by clicking on Users under Actions on the right.

Proceed here.

Now take control of the PC with the password you want. In this way, control of any Windows 7 user's PC will be in your hands in just 1 minute. Stay well, stay healthy. See you again.

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