How to attract a girl | 7 Ways to Impress a girl

How to attract a girl | 7 Ways to Impress a girl

how to attract a girl

how to attract a girl

I have just spent the last few minutes watching Inner Game’s video about the tricks to attract girls in 90 seconds and we thought we can actually add more tips there. And since we really want to help you to attract her immediately, I'm also going to tell you the number 1 thing you should not do if you do not want her to run the opposite direction in less than 90 seconds. Let’s get right to it! 

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  • Number 1
 Go Direct Man, seriously, if you keep ask
ng yourself the question “Does she like me?” Stop already and do something about it. I mean, you’re not gonna get an answer if you won’t do anything. The answer won’t just come falling from the sky. One of the tricks to attract her immediately is to be straightforward. Don’t dilly dally. Remember Noah from The Notebook? Well, that’s what I’m talking about. Well, not the hang-from-the-Ferris-Wheel part, but the part where he sees someone he likes and he immediately decides that he’s going to talk to her, no matter what. See, that’s one of the habits women love - being direct. When you don’t hesitate, that means that you’re so sure of yourself and that you really know what you want. Plus, it shows that you’re a doer. You know what else will make you a doer? Watching this video we made about the rest of the habits that women love! This video has more than 700k views already! Woah, would you look at that, I'm already near the end of this video, which means that I'm already going to give you what we promised, the #1 thing you should not do if you don’t want her to run away within 90 seconds. Well, this is none other than making your money do the talking. I mean, don’t brag about how much money you’re making, ever. Obviously, this shows the girl that you think she’s interested in your money, or that you think you can do everything just because you’re rich. Believe me, that’s not how to attract her immediately. While women love confident guys, please know that there is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance, so tread lightly.

  • Number 
 Speak Slow Okay, when you have decided that you’re going to speak to her, don’t throw your chances of getting her out the window by stuttering or talking too fast. See, when you’re nervous and you’re not confident, it shows in you, especially how you speak. And so if you want to attract her immediately, speak slowly. When you speak slow, first, you can think of what you’re saying while you’re saying it. You can, therefore, avoid saying the wrong words. Second, you are showing that you are calm and composed, because you are not rushing. You are sure. You are not insecure. That’s how to get a girl to like you.

  • Number 3
 Flirty Compliment Another one of the tricks to attract her is to actually flirt your way to attract her immediately. This approach is kinda straightforward, but when executed properly,  you can actually get her to like you. What you have to do is flirt with her subtly, again by using your words, and yup, by giving her a compliment. Again, this is the secret law of attraction at work here. Give her something good and you’re attracting something good to come to you as well. Sounds good, right?

  • Number 4
 Air of Confidence Okay guys, when somebody confident enters the room, do you feel it? Well, yeah. I mean, when a confident man walks into the room, I immediately feel like he’s different. It all boils down to body language. Making eye contact and standing tall is like telling someone “Hey, I’m great and I know it.” This is where the law of attraction comes in. Think of it this way. When you think of great things, great things are bound to come to you, like getting the attention of that cute girl in the corner. You can even make her chase you if you do this correctly. Make your entrance speak for you and you’ll attract her immediately, in less than 90 seconds, for sure. You know what else Im sure about? I'm sure that you can make her chase you if you watch this video where we teach you how. It’s got over a million views already, so this can’t be bad, right?

  • Number 5
 Details Please If you want to learn how to get a girl to like you, then you should pay attention to details. And we mean not only about her, but also little details about yourself too. Is your hair all neat and tidy? Is your shirt not wrinkled? You sure there’s nothing stuck in between your two front teeth? See, the details, even the minute ones, matter, because having them taken care of shows that you care, truly care. So, if you want to learn how to be more attractive, you’ve got to consider the tiny things, just like those holes on your belt which used to be perfect circles, but are now all stretched out. Well, if you’ve got one from today’s sponsor, Anson Belts, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Their belts are literally holeless, which means that you take one thing off your list of things to check from time to time. You see, I have talked about them several times before and I telling you, they’re the real deal. Anson Belt and Buckle is a family-owned company and I have actually met the owners! Quite honestly, their belts are amazing because the notches on their belts are spaced a quarter of an inch apart, which means that you’re surely going to find the perfect fit for you, no matter what size you are in. Plus, you won’t need to worry that your belt is too long because you can actually trim the other end of the belt to get the exact length you want. This way, you won’t have to settle for something that’s slightly larger or slightly smaller than your waist, just like how you used to do it with belts with actual holes that are spaced an inch apart. Now, if that doesn’t sound convincing to you yet, then head to their website at and see over thousands of 5-star reviews from their Customers, or better yet, click the link in the description box right now to get their bestseller, the box set, which enables you to Get 3 straps and 2 buckles OR 3 buckles and 2 straps. That’s 6 belt combos so that you can mix and match to fit every outfit you have. The best part here is that you get all these for under a hundred bucks. And take note, they come with a lifetime guarantee. And did we mention that their customer service is top notch? Guess that’s another detail you don’t want to miss. Hey, we know you’re already excited to shop for new belts from our sponsor, but don’t go yet because we still have 4 more items on our list of tricks to attract her immediately. Plus, we still have to give you the #1 thing you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to scare her away. Let’s get right back.

  • Number 6
 Pick Me Up Hey, hey, hey. Before you get the wrong impression here, listen first. If you want to learn how to attract women, then you should be able to pull off some smooth pick up lines. See, when you are able to do this, this speaks more about you knowing how to pick the right timing, the right place and the right words in order to bring some humor into your conversation. Plus, this also shows that you have what it takes to be able to initiate a conversation. Man, that’s really something. Now, once you’ve done this, be on the lookout for body language signs that she’s attracted to you right after. This is because when you delivered a perfect pick-up line, you increase your chances of her liking you, and this will show through her body language. Don’t know how to read body language? I have got you covered. Head to our video here and learn all about it. 

  • Number 7

 Eyes Eyes Baby One of the tricks to attract her is to use your eyes. Let them do the talking, or the smiling. Your eyes are a powerful tool, you should hold a gaze to show that you’re interested in a person. Or better yet, maintain eye contact while talking just so they'll know that you’re being genuine and true. That’s how to get girls to like you. So the next time you’re with a girl, use your eyes to your advantage. They’re the number 1 weapon you have to Initiate a deep relationship with someone.

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