Facebook's 53 crore data leak is under investigation in Ireland

Facebook's 53 crore data leak is under investigation in Ireland

Facebook data leak

 A few days ago, the data of 53 crore users of Facebook was leaked. This time the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is investigating the incident.

The online forum has given data to 53 million Facebook users for sale, - Facebook said after the incident spread, the data became expensive before September 2019.

The company further stated that the data was manipulated using a feature error. Later in August 2019, the feature error was fixed. However, Facebook has informed the affected users and has no plans to do so.

A total of 108 users in the country have been affected by this incident. Different types of information are lost in different accounts. Missing information includes phone number, date of birth, email address, location, etc.

"So far, considering the information provided by Facebook Ireland, we believe that one or more provisions of the GDPR or Data Protection Act 2018 have been violated on the issue of intrusion into the personal data of Facebook users." - DPC said in a statement.

EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reyander said in a recent statement on Twitter that the leak had been discussed with the DPC. This happened after the DPC announced the start of the investigation.

“We are fully cooperating with the DPC in the investigation, which is related to features that help us find and communicate with friends in our area.