Waiting for 50 million LinkedIn data to be sold

Waiting for 50 million LinkedIn data to be sold


LinkedIn data to be sold
50 crore LinkedIn data waiting to be sold

Some LinkedIn user data has been leaked, it has also been put up for sale. There is also a member profile that allows everyone to see such data. According to one source, the number of data accounts could reach 50 million rupees.

The Microsoft Corporation site recently provided this information after investigation. However, the organization claims that there was no intrusion incident. In a blog post, LinkedIn noted that the information that was posted for sale was collected from various websites and organizations.

The company did not immediately provide further details. They did not specify exactly how many users were infected.

Cybernews first reported the news on April 6. According to their report, the 50 crores LinkedIn profile data is being sold on a popular hacker forum.

Earlier this week, Facebook reported that "malicious people" had taken data from more than 53 million users using a security flaw in one function. The incident took place before September 2019.

Recently, Facebook user data has been uploaded to a public database. A Facebook spokesperson said Wednesday that Facebook had not yet notified affected users, but had no plans to do so at this time.