What can be in the new iPhone 13 models?

What can be in the new iPhone 13 models?

 Rumors have been circulating for some time about what might be in the new iPhone. A new source says the biggest upgrade in recent times could come in the iPhone 13 lineup.

Many people may turn their lips and say, Apple says the same thing every year. Apple CEO Tim Cook, or Phil Schiller, the company's former global marketing chief, who is still with Apple as a 'Fellow', notices the iPhone at new product launch events each year.

"The biggest upgrade of all time" - a phrase they really like. To many, it's just a marketing slogan. And is there anyone around Apple who uses all the beautiful adjectives?

In 2021, not Apple, a different source is saying the same thing. The iPhone 13 is probably the biggest upgrade so far. And that information was reported by technology publishing Digitimes.

What can be in the new iPhone 13 models

What can be in the new iPhone 13 models?

20% energy saving

Simply put, this means that the iPhone 12 will last 12 hours on the same charge for 12 hours, which is like raising the eyebrows to improve the iPhone 12 12 hours run. In particular, the battery life of iPhone 12 users has been well enjoyed. Compared to the iPhone 11, the 12 had a smaller battery size, which resulted in less power, resulting in less charge. Now if it increases by 20%, the news is comforting, no doubt.

New display

Digitimes reports that Apple's two contract makers Samsung and LG are displaying LTPO LEDs for new phones instead of LTPS OLEDs. The publication commented that if the incident was true it would be a “double win” for customers. On the one hand, such power consumption will be reduced, on the other hand, the user will get a display with a variable refresh rate from one Hz to 120 Hz.

It is true that the video is quite smooth when the display rate is increased but it does not charge the battery badly. This is where variable refresh rates can play a role in saving battery charges.

A15 chip, new 5G modem

Apple's OnChip system brings a number of upgrades to each new version. It is expected that the continuity of 15 chips will be maintained again. Sources say that with this, the next generation 5G modem will come in the new iPhone.